Judy Lydecker LCSW


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR therapy is an effective, research-supported psychotherapy that helps identify and address current problems you may be having which are negatively impacting your functioning and sense of well being. Negative, limiting beliefs about yourself may be traced back to earlier experiences which have left their mark. The reprocessing of these events can be a natural healing process which can bring relief in the present and improve functioning. You have an innate capacity for healing.

Past disturbing memories or experiences are stored in your brain as they were experienced and perceived at the time of the event--the original picture, sounds and thoughts and feelings. Bilateral stimulation can help fully access these memories and allow the brain to reprocess them in a more adaptive way.

It is important to note that traditional talk therapy accesses only the rational side of the brain. However, other aspects of traumatic memories are filed away in other parts of the brain that can't be accessed through just talking. BLS helps the different parts of the brain to connect and helps desensitize the memory. It is important to note that its your own brain doing the healing and you are the one in control. BLS encourages this.

EMDR reprocessing utilizes Bilateral Stimulation (BLS) via back-and-forth eye movements or other BLS tools such as hand-held tappers, earphones with alternating tones or a light scan to involve both sides of the brain. This may be what's happening when we are in REM sleep wherein eye movements appear to be taking place as we are dreaming.

A actual session would involve holding a mental image of a memory as it occurred along with the negative belief you have as you think of this memory, feelings attached to this memory and body sensations in response to this memory. BLS sets take place and then we talk about whatever comes up: thoughts or sensations you may be having as well as any changes in the images. This process continues until the memory can be accessed without emotional disturbance. Then a more positive and healthier belief is brought to the memory and worked through until it feels true. Then your are asked to mentally scan your body for any remaining unusual sensations or tightness. BLS continues until these body sensations are resolved. This would complete the process.

EMDR therapy's eight-phase approach can help restore a feeling of health and wholeness.

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